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Click here if you don't have a BP monitor yet or need more info on how to use one and where to buy one.

If you don't have a BP monitor yet, you can click the button below for a list of BP monitors validated by the British and Irish Hypertension society. The cheapest unit can be bought for £20. It's important to measure your blood pressure when you are at rest. Please ensure you have not had any products with caffeine in the hour prior to measuring your BP. Please click the picture on the right for further information on how to accurately record BP readings. Please ensure you provide several readings that have been taken at various times over different days. Please use the BP readings calculator below, it will automatically calculate an average, then just write those values in the boxes on the form further below and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen.

Click here for a list of BP monitors you can buy that are validated by the British and Irish Hypertension society.



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BP values
Please enter the BP values you calculated above in to the boxes below:
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Interpretation of BP values

BP up to 135/85

this is normal BP

BP > 150/90

above this level, BP is likely to need treatment so should be assessed by a clinician on the phone

BP > 180/110

this is severe high blood pressure and needs assessment by a clinician, this will normally require treatment

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